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Ground class Theory

Started on April 4, 2023

Air Legislation: Also popularly called Air Regulations or Air Law,it covers ICAO and DGCA mandated rules and regulations covering Licencing of crew, Ground Personnel, ATC, Aircraft, Airspace, Health rules ,Customs, Immigration, International search and rescue.


Air Navigation:

  1. Basic Navigation: Covers travel planning from A to B in shortest safest and most efficient ways possible. Fuel planning, ATC rules, Route navigation .Safe returns in Emergency.

Study of Maps and Charts.

  1. Radio Navigation: Covers both classical ground aids like VORs and NDBs,plus Ultra modern Navigation Aids like GPS GAGAN and GLONASS. Modern EBags and Eflights. Glass Cockpits.


Aviation Meteorology: Study of weather phenomena, which affects safe operation of aircraft. A very critical aspect of Aviation, Climate and seasonal changes.


Technical: Covering Airframe and Powerplants:

This subject covers theory of flight, aircraft construction, safety limits, spread over various subsystems like Pneumatics, Hydraulics, Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical.

Powerplants deal with Engines, both Jet and Piston, various subsystem, fuel types, safe life of engines and internal limits.


Radio telephony.

  1. Theoretical: Radio aids and their limitations. ITU and WPC rules and limitation. Restrictions imposed by governing bodies.
  2. Practical: Transmission techniques, rules, etiquettes and emergency routines.


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