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Amoorth Shetty

Senior Instructor

Brief info

Capt. Amoorth Shetty completed his flight training in the United States of America as a Jet Airways Cadet. From the early days of flight training to earning FAA CPL with a Multi Engine Instrument Rating, Amoorth has continually demonstrated a commitment to excellence in piloting, Known for his meticulous approach to pre-flight preparations and in-flight operations. He has maintained all his DGCA licenses current and recent.

Beyond the cockpit, Capt. Amoorth Shetty possesses a deep understanding of the aviation industry and keeps abreast of the latest developments and advancements. He is dedicated to staying current with evolving technologies, regulations, and best practices to uphold the highest standards of aviation professionalism.

He has a tremendous passion for flying and teaching.Through his unwavering dedication to the Aviation Industry, Capt. Amoorth is making a lasting impact on the lives of his students and contributing to the foundation of a brighter future.

Cosmos Aviators is a  commercial pilot training institution that offers courses and training programs designed to prepare individuals for a career as a professional pilot.

For Flying Training, Cosmos Aviators has partnered with schools across India,South Africa,New Zealand & USA

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