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Centre Head / Instructor

Brief info

With 22 years of dedicated service in the dynamic airline industry, He has crafted a multifaceted career journey marked by extensive involvement in various crucial departments. His professional odyssey has seen him contribute significantly to inflight operations, aircraft interiors and maintenance, aircraft cabin appearance, service quality assurance, and training. Throughout his tenure, he has relentlessly strived to elevate the customer experience, ensuring safety, comfort, and impeccable service standards. His passion for aviation and commitment to excellence has allowed him to not only witness the industry's evolution but actively shape its course, making his journey in the airline industry a testament to his unwavering dedication and expertise.

Cosmos Aviators is a  commercial pilot training institution that offers courses and training programs designed to prepare individuals for a career as a professional pilot.

For Flying Training, Cosmos Aviators has partnered with schools across India,South Africa,New Zealand & USA

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